Develop and create optimised and safe systems, “ad hoc” solutions for the management of industrial processes that are able to satisfy all the customer’s needs. Enhance and stimulate the professional growth of the company’s staff through training programs that include specific courses, refresher conferences and any tool that allows the technical staff to improve their skills in order to always provide the best solution to the customer.

Consolidate leadership position in its industry through continuous efficiency gains and increased market share; diversify business risk by acquiring new customers in foreign markets.

SIA S.r.l., in defining its quality policy, has identified the following aspects as salient in relation to the company’s objectives and the commitments made to customers for the satisfaction of their expectations:

  1. The complete control of its operational and organisational processes for greater efficiency during the translation of customer requirements in the design, planning and implementation of systems for automation;
  2. The definition of a personalised assistance service according to the specific needs of the customer, providing qualified and flexible support, involving when necessary the different technical skills available to provide the customer with professionalism always at the forefront and in full respect of the safety of its employees;
  3. The realisation of systems that consistently meet the legal requirements and specifications agreed with the customer for his complete satisfaction;
  4. The careful selection and in-depth training of both the hired staff and collaborators, with particular attention to those with management responsibilities;
  5. A Commitment to ensuring and respecting the health, safety and security of all personnel;
  6. Constant commitment to achieve business growth through the development of technical skills of human resources and business know-how;
  7. Continuous support to the customer by developing synergies that can make the company a reference point for customers, both public and private;
  8. Continuous updating to be able to propose the best technical solution to the customer;
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Our History

The company was founded in 1995 and operates in the fields of industrial information technology, process control and industrial automation. It produces software and electronic components in the field of plant control and supervision of industrial processes, with specialisations in the pharmaceutical, chemical, water treatment and food sectors. The S.I.A. team has a high level of know-how on process control for chemical-pharmaceutical plants and offers to the customer a complete design support, development, implementation and validation according to current standards.
With more than 20 years of experience ISO 9001 certified, able to manage turnkey projects (from the engineering phase, through hardware and software development, to project validation) Certified supplier of the most important pharmaceutical companies. Specialised in the integration of different processes and machines in single solutions. Upgrade and reverse engineering of old machines and systems Maintenance and 24/7 accessibility services

and precision

Highly qualified

and secure systems

Why SIA?

Industrial Automation System.

SIA is synonymous with flexibility. Our accumulated experience and company structure allow us to deal with multiple activities such as the development of communication drivers to PLCs or SCADA PMS or the renewal of machines with hardware upgrade from S5 to S7. Our engineers are trained to develop multiple custom control systems. From a particle counter, to a complete monitoring system that can produce incident reports, analyse deviations or manage alarms.