Our Work

We work in the industrial computing, process control, and industrial automation sectors. We produce software and electronic components for industrial control and supervision systems, specializing in the pharmaceutical, chemical, water treatment, and food sectors.

One of our strengths is flexibility, a feature of both our response to customer requests and post-sales operational assistance. Our experience and company structure allow S.I.A. to perform multiple activities, such as the development of PLC and SCADA communication drivers, or revamping machinery with S5 to S7 hardware updates.

The S.I.A. team has an advanced level of know-how related to process control for chemical/pharmaceutical systems and offers customers full support with design, development, realization, and validation in accordance with current regulations.

Eletrical Department SIA Verona

Our Values


We are constantly dedicated to offering structured ad-hoc service for specific customer needs, with support starting from the initial stages of creating a project to studying to most appropriate solution for the required characteristics, throughout the production phase, and even beyond through our service.


We aim to offer top-of-the-line service in terms of performance and quality, always expanding our geographical horizons in the field of pharmaceutical industrial automation.

Value Statement

Quality, flexibility, and innovation are the cornerstones of our business. Continuous personnel training, an ability to use different technologies, and careful selection of our suppliers are essential features of our daily operations.

S.I.A. is established

Founded in 1995 by a group of technicians who combined their decade-long experience in the field of system control and industrial process supervision.

S.I.A.’s quality standards are certified

The ability to provide high-quality services and products and an interest in obtaining recognition for them led us to obtain ISO 9001:2008 quality certification in 2012, along with the subsequent update of the quality management system to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

S.I.A. expands into Poland

In 2013 the new location in Poland, S.I.A. S.p.zo.o, was inaugurated.

S.I.A. expands into Switzerland In 2021

S.I.A. SA, the new Swiss location was opened.

5 sites, more than 90 employees

Today S.I.A. has more than 90 employees at 3 locations in Italy and 2 abroad. We renewed our central location, moving into new offices in Sommacampagna (VR) in 2018.



We focus on automation, but our driving strength is our people. Our staff consists of qualified personnel who undergo constant training so we can always offer advanced service.

Our technical teams are made up of 44% PLC specialists and 56% SCADA specialists, together with the CSV Department, IT Department, and Engineering-Hardware Department.

This is why, with the contribution of our administrative offices, we offer complete service, so we can always obtain full customer satisfaction.